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The cloth maketh.....whatever you fancy

Nothing quite fits like bespoke may seem like flirting with tautology but it is so true. Getting clothes that fit the exact cut of our bodies rather than vice versa is no longer as a fantasy fulfilled by the talented tailors of Savile Row.

Since the financial crash of 2008, making your own clothes has become a badge of creativity rather than a badge of poverty. Many of us will have a savvy seamstress (seamster) among friends and family and even - like me - if you don't then there are skilled artisans to be found amidst the back lanes of most city centres. From my experience Turkish, Portuguese and Indian nationality is usually a positive sign but of course no guarantee.

One of the great attributes of Harris Tweed is that the hand-weaving allows for flexibility in the cloth and a more aggressive fit. Even a simple handmade waistcoat can lift a high-street outfit. This dynamic is also applicable in home-furnishings where curtains, cushions and bed throws can add an immediate touch of sophisticated grandeur. Re-decorating and upgrading your home is an ideal platform for some signature bright and patterned HarrisTweed and all those off-cuts can easily become the foundation for ties, hats or purses.

The allure of Savile Row remains as strong as ever but there is definitely potential to create something special for your home, or indeed yourself, through our limited edition fabrics. Please post your results on our Facebook page;


Gents tailoring, Glasgow; www.jimforbes.co.uk

Ladies tailoring, London; http://katherinehooker.com/

For other accessories; https://www.facebook.com/mandors.glasgow


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