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A Christmas Twist on an Old Yarn


Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen:

                                      The Christmas advertising season kicked off in early November so Harris Tweed Hebrides fully appreciate that there may be more than a little festive fatigue.  But if you are still looking for that elusive gift, then maybe we can help.

 Every product has a story and every brand has an essence. In these regards, Harris Tweed speaks for itself.  One man or woman, one machine (specialised pedal loom), utilising artisan skills to create a robust yet revered fabric in designs which reflect the colours of the Hebridean landscape. Harris Tweed has soul and a provenance going back over 150 years. At Christmas we all like a good story so why not add our noble fabric to your playlist?

 Harris Tweed Hebrides may have had a bumper year but don’t worry, we are still very much 'limited edition', with only 130 weavers. Over the past 12 months, the ethics of the fashion industry have come under the microscope. Sometimes, it is because our fellow human beings are employed in terrible labour conditions to produce cheap fabrics. And the treatment of animals to produce the raw materials can also leave a lot to be desired.

 So Harris Tweed is proud to be an ethical industry producing a quality product under strictly regulated conditions to guarantee its authenticity. Our sheep don’t suffer in the production of virgin wool and farmers now receive a good price for their clip (fleece) and the success of the brand is crucial to our local economy here in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, creating employment for over 200  mill-workers and home weavers.

 With all that in mind we want to express appreciation for all your past support and encourage you to have a final look at our on-line shop. Or if you are on the High Street, whether in London or New York, Edinburgh or Tokyo, then please see links below for a few other options…..

 Topman   Charles Tyrwhitt  JC Penney   John Lewis   M&S  

Brooks Bros     Nigel Cabourn     Rarebird   Tetrad  Walker Slater

 Best wishes from all of at Harris Tweed Hebrides for a happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.

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